Lucky Lion: Bringing Quality Groceries to the Heart of Portland

Lucky Lion is a small family-owned grocery store located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1974, Lucky Lion has been supplying the city with high-quality, fresh groceries for over four decades.

Lucky Lion is a cornerstone of the local community, providing customers with an ever-growing selection of products. From a wide variety of premium meats, to farm-fresh produce, to a wide selection of international ingredients, Lucky Lion has something for everyone. The store also carries a variety of non-food items, such as household appliances and toiletries.

The store’s commitment to quality is what sets it apart. Lucky Lion’s employees go out of their way to hand-select the freshest ingredients for their customers. This commitment to quality is reflected in the store’s level of customer service—the staff is always friendly and eager to assist customers with their shopping needs.

In addition to providing quality groceries, Lucky Lion is dedicated to creating a safer environment for its customers. The store recently installed a state-of-the-art security system that is constantly monitored by trained professionals. This system helps to prevent theft and ensures that customers can shop with peace of mind.

Lucky Lion is an important part of the Portland community and continues to provide quality products and excellent customer service to its loyal customers. The store is a great example of how a small business can make a big impact on a city.

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